Euro 2008

Just casting an eye over the fabulously fun football fiesta that’s happening in that new country, Austria’n’Switzerland, and noting the shock defeat of Germany this afternoon of the marvellously skillful and doughty Croatia – who let’s not forget are the reason why England are not in the European Cup this time around.

This really was a good game of pace and skill, and with a splendid surprise at the end of it, the favourites defeated, not too nasty with the last minute exception of a red card for a push which was followed by some excessive dramatics produced for the referee’s benefit – really not cricket.

Germany are talented and strong and will probably go through, but they have taken a serious knock. This will give hope to Portugal and Holland who are both in form – good news for sports fans everywhere. Much as I admire Germany the nation, the better team won. At the end of the day, it was a result which set the cat among the punditry pigeons. Feathers flapping, it has set the tournament alight.

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Big Brother Bribery

With the new (last?) series of Big Brother UK starting tonight, I thought it a good idea to put the record straight.

It’s not widely known that the producers of Celebrity Big Brother have attempted to recruit yours truly for every UK series so far. In fact, they have frequently resorted to quite ludicrous levels of bribery, sending in the post entirely shameless blandishments of a most extravagant nature, all of which of course have had to be returned with a kind refusal note.

I have nothing against Mr Orwell. I simply do not want to appear in his television show, and neither do I wish to be interviewed by the clearly insane Davina. Now, if the Sony Award-winning Dermot was still in place, then it might be different, but he isn’t, and so the matter is closed.

I have devised several reality shows of my own. Much like human Big Brother they are based on studying animal behaviour, but mine are more to do with genuine reality, such as chewing, grooming, rutting, and spitting. My absolute favourite show is called “Big Llama” which something that other llamas will surely stay up all night to watch.

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The Advantages Of Working From Home

Do go on.

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