The John Cleese Nigerian Lottery

I’m very pleased to see that the truly excellent value John Cleese (that’s me) Nigerian Lottery is open for business.

Various things you need to know:

  1. It’s not necessarily got anything to do with Nigeria
  2. There is no gambling of any kind involved
  3. You will receive emails from me and my minions
  4. Some of these will include special offers that you’ll only get if you’ve signed up.

There you are, childishly simple. Even I could do it.

Here’s the link.

New Headcast Video Coming Soon

Here’s a trailer for one of my new videos.

I can’t stop dancing to that music.

Yet Another Re-Run

There is a yet another re-run of Fawlty Towers showing in the UK soon on UKTV and the Guardian newspaper have published a short clip of the latest “about” programme which is to accompany it, which you may be interested in watching. Or not.

Camilla the Chicken

A starring role for Camilla the chicken in this short epic.