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iPhone, uPhone

We love gadgets in this house, and so whilst we’re preparing the next two episodes of Headcast for release this side of Christmas, along with some other festive goodies, we’re making our websites iPhone gorgeous. This is a combined … Continue reading

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Vote for the John Cleese Podcast

It is the season for democracy once again, and I don’t mean that charming American trillion-dollar deficit version of our gloriously imperfect system of governance – I mean ME! Some bright spark has entered me for the European Podcast Awards. … Continue reading

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August: Radio 4’s iPM Podcast

au·gust /ɔˈgʌst/ [aw-guhst] –adjective 1. inspiring reverence or admiration; of supreme dignity or grandeur; majestic: an august performance of a religious drama. 2. venerable; eminent: an august personage. [Origin: 1655–65; < L augustus sacred, grand, akin to augére to increase. … Continue reading

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