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On Palin and Parrots

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Farewell, Old Friend…

Very sad to learn that the 104 year old Weston-super-Mare pier burned down yesterday. It’s a very small town, Weston – not much to it except the pier, the promenade, and the beach.

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What Do I Think About Your Question?

I get interviewed a fair bit, and sometimes it’s genuinely interesting – normally when the interviewers are interesting people themselves. But of course, most of the time, it’s interviews of a pretty predictable kind. Professional writers often attempt the kind … Continue reading

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London Life, Californian Weather

“When a man is tired of London, he goes and lives in California,” quoth the grand old mephitic philsopher Sir Jack “Boswell” Jimbobberty of Hull, quite wrongly in my opinion. No, it’s not tiredness which drives anyone from London, or … Continue reading

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Firemen and Arsonists

Firemen quite understandably get a lot of good press, what with saving lives by rescuing people from burning buildings, their great capacity to remain taciturn in the face of adversity and bad pay, pumping gallons of water whilst man-handling all … Continue reading

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Euro 2008

Just casting an eye over the fabulously fun football fiesta that’s happening in that new country, Austria’n’Switzerland, and noting the shock defeat of Germany this afternoon of the marvellously skillful and doughty Croatia – who let’s not forget are the … Continue reading

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Big Brother Bribery

With the new (last?) series of Big Brother UK starting tonight, I thought it a good idea to put the record straight. It’s not widely known that the producers of Celebrity Big Brother have attempted to recruit yours truly for … Continue reading

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The Advantages Of Working From Home

Do go on.

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