Here are the famous and fabulous Spud books by South African writer John Van De Ruit, which inspired the film in which Jack Cheese is playing “The Guv”.

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3 Responses to Spud!

  1. eastcoastjac says:

    I’ve just finished Spud – it’s my son’s setwork book for the term. Brilliant stuff and I reckon there could be no better “Guv” than Cleese! Awesome , can’t wait to see it. BTW, where are you shooting – would love to sneak onto the set with a fresh batch of cheese muffins …

  2. Paula_Python says:

    I saw your new shirts. I’ll trade one of them by the Falkland Islands and five dollars more

  3. mrsthing says:

    I read “Spud”, and it’s a really fun read. My only complaint is that as the diary of a 13-year-old boy, it seems unreasonably urbane, insightful, and poignant. But I can suspend my disbelief–the story is great, and the part of “The Guv” seemed written with John Cleese in mind. Can’t wait to see the movie! I hope they don’t mess with the book too much.

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