Chicken Names

Sadly Rocky and Camilla have disappeared. They may have run away. Garry is licking his lips suspiciously but I think that is just to cheer me up.

Thinking of names, we’ll need at least one.










Or another name?

Please leave a comment.

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62 Responses to Chicken Names

  1. steph says:

    Leia would be a nice name for a pullet.

  2. shamrock says:

    It’s an ironic name!!!

  3. agtmacgyver says:

    Captain Cluckypants

  4. Jon Green says:


  5. marow says:

    My cat Dot wants a chicken named after her, but I like think Soup would be nice.

  6. mag says:

    If you already have a “Bob,” why not add a “Carol,” a “Ted,” and an “Alice?”

  7. tanglehead22 says:

    lady gaga. or silly mr. chicken face. or something really creative. like himynameisjoeandiliveinabuttonfactory.

  8. Sorcha says:

    Strangely enough, I was faced with 3 spontaneous and nameless chickens back in May. I found that naming them Szechuan, Rotisserie, and Dumpling, provided cute enough names while never allowing their impending mortality to escape your mind. you know, so you don’t get too attached. 🙂 Parmesean might be a good choice. 🙂

  9. Gayle says:

    John Jr. The chicken son you never had? 🙂 Johnna for a girl.

  10. laffytaffy says:

    If it is a rooster, I would suggest Rutherford. For a female chicken, I would suggest Spatzie. It just sounds like something that John would name a chicken…I can hear it now….”come, Spatzie…) 🙂

  11. Soussherpa says:


    If not that-then

    Definitely ANAR.

  12. Stormlaughter says:

    Michael Ellis

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