Chicken Names

Sadly Rocky and Camilla have disappeared. They may have run away. Garry is licking his lips suspiciously but I think that is just to cheer me up.

Thinking of names, we’ll need at least one.










Or another name?

Please leave a comment.

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62 Responses to Chicken Names

  1. tori says:

    Giuseppe Barbagelata – Why go for the simple names?

  2. GinAndTonicFor2 says:

    One should most definitely be named SADIE (say-dee). Every Hen Party has a SADIE.

  3. wudy says:

    Bobkins isn’t bad either

  4. kittywhumpus says:

    But I am probably only saying that because my cat just died.

  5. slaaa says:

    I enjoy the name Slaa. It may not be a… proper name, but it is my nickname and I am biased. Plus, you can add however many A’s to the end of it that you want (Example: Slaaaaaaaa) and make it unnecessarily long! AND it can work for a boy OR a girl! See! Everyone wins!

  6. Luethario says:

    How about Roger Smythe-Gordon? It sounds quite dignified.

  7. Dumblond says:

    Clucky McCluckerson.

  8. Jessiqa says:


  9. evilhenchcat says:

    Rupert. Or Omelet.

  10. weedy seahorse says:

    How about Trout?

  11. valetudinaria says:

    Mr Scott-Irvine definitely deserves more recognition.

  12. Spalmella says:

    If the magnificent of you still hasn’t conceived it (rarely enough), I would surely recommend “Margaret Hatcher”.

  13. gunjones says:

    I thought you were going to commit suicide?

  14. ArthurG says:

    I would suggest George W Bush, oh wait, I think that one’s taken. How about Darles Chickens

  15. Gurgling Snurg says:

    Egbert? (Eggbert?)

    Ruprecht? Ruperto? Roberto?

    K.F. (short for ‘Kentucky Fried’?)

  16. Gurgling Snurg says:


    Bobo? Boba? Bobaluga?

    Bob the Chicken

    Choke? (the Chicken)

  17. Bluejay says:

    I always give my pets really intelligent names, but they end up being called just Puss, or Dog or Bird, so I would suggest you call her Chicken. Easier to remember too.

  18. Per says:

    I’d say Vladimir. Or perhaps Hermann if you prefer German names.

  19. Per says:

    Schröder isn’t bad either!

  20. DollyLama says:

    Flobert P. Biddlesworth.. “Come here Flobert!” It rolls off the tongue

  21. Lawdog says:

    Being the brilliant national treasure you are, you have naturally been drawn to the most beautiful and regal of all names. I salute you, sir. Never before, to my knowledge, has someone combined the tastiness of chicken with the awesomeness of Robert. There is one variation you left off the list though: Bobert. Now I’ve never been fickle about giving boy pets boy names and girl pets girl names. I figure what they don’t know can’t hurt them, but just in case you’re one of those bleedy heart care about your pet’s self esteem hippies…
    Henrietta for a hen.
    Cogburn for a rooster.

  22. zedzdead says:

    My Dad knew somebody called Bob Chicken. Somebody told my dad that he’d died. Then my dad met him in a supermarket and said that somebody had told him he was dead. A few weeks later Bob Chicken died.

    Boba Fett would make a nice chicken name even though a chicken isn’t much like an intergalactic bounty hunter.

  23. Treadwell says:

    They should both be named Eric, of course.

  24. Ash says:

    Hmmm…a good name for a chicken…

    Cheeky Beaky 🙂

  25. mslorax425 says:

    Mr. Hat.

    It actually just popped into my head.

    I think I’d better go to bed now.

  26. Ash says:

    Oh yeah, and Happy Birthday John!

  27. Bobbert (I have a friend with that nickname, works for him)

  28. vibberts says:

    The names Minerva and Saphronia are for the birds. Use them in good health. Mind you, with these two names, no bird would scarcely poke its beak out the door so you won’t have them running away.

  29. Lozzykinz says:


  30. theoriste says:

    “Humble Fat”. Assuming it’s a fowl of exceptionally good character, that is.

  31. photomandala says:

    I have actually thought about acquiring a chicken just so I could name it Cluck Norris. However, my friend Inger thought of it first and beat me to it.

  32. woodstock60 says:

    “Cheese” for one, and “Cracker” for the other.

  33. elvis2177 says:

    Kenny Rogers Roasted Rooster….escaped! or Fluffy the fair feathered fowl.

    Judy would also work!

  34. Toastmeister says:

    Yolkahama, Barbara Higgenbothom, Eustice Plucker, Ulysses Cordon-Bleu, Lord and Lady Pecker or Daphne Gai-Pan

  35. rodochrous says:

    Party Fowl

  36. quirk says:


  37. Teiladnam says:

    Nietzsche, Nebuchadnezzar, Scheherazade, Pamplemousse

  38. iguanamom3 says:

    Branston Pickle

  39. DDB9000 says:

    If indeed Camilla is not returning (fairly certain I didn’t eat her yesterday), I can think of a way to honour her, and remember her. The obvious name for her replacement would be Parker-Bowles…

  40. J.Curtis says:

    For convenience sake, all my hens were Henrietta and the roosters were Stewart. Dull and unimaginative, maybe but I never once forgot one of their names.

    P.S. Camilla did not wind up on my Thanksgiving table – unless she was masquerading as a ham. In that case, sorry.

  41. ldapearson says:

    Albatross (as long as there’s no wafers)

  42. mrsthing says:

    Flopsy, Mopsy, Cottontail, and Muriel Volestrangler (Sgt.)

  43. mrsthing says:

    You can NOT name one of them Judy, because that’s my name, and now that you know, I’ll never forgive you if you name a chicken after me.

  44. Thomas says:

    Lets see …four female chickens? I’d name them Ed, Ed, Ed and Ed.

  45. peacepipe says:

    How about: 1. L’Coq Cleese — or (thematically consistent): 2. Pecker Puck-Puck-Pucker !!!

  46. evrenk says:

    Domum – So it will always stay at or go towards home.

  47. denileriverafter says:

    Mr. Cleese, how about “Chica” (cheeka) which is Spanish for “little girl”. Chica Chicken lol And there’s always “Chantecleir”for a rooster. Sorry I mispelled it. Donna

  48. denileriverafter says:

    Another nice, old-fashioned name is “Priscilla” or “Prissy”. Donna

  49. Tina says:

    If you were looking for new names for all of them I would suggest


    Not only would they have such positive energy in their names but also your neighbours would be pleased when calling the chickens every day at feeding time.

    As for just one name, I really like Bob-hibberty or Bobberty.
    “Or-another-name” sounds weird…

  50. Jane Heir says:

    Mabel and Biff.

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