Thanks for the Twits

Thank you for the kind messages regarding the recent eye operation.

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  1. Dumblond says:

    Twits? Thought they were twats…
    I’m very glad to see you are healing well!

  2. nymphette says:

    I’m happy you’re alright surgery is surgery!

  3. Sal says:

    Well lovely man, as I said on Twitter, It’s a lovely video! & I’m so glad to hear it’s all gone well & everything’s healing nice. Mind those slopes though! 😉
    Sal xxx

  4. mrsthing says:

    Women all over the world are relieved to know that your eyes are all right. I hope everything’s straight soon. No tightrope walking until then.

  5. il128 says:

    Get well soon! Love you!

  6. So I understand this new cybernetic eye of yours will allow you to work undercover. I expect you’ll be writing a movie of your experiences, so keep me in mind. I work cheap.

  7. glens says:

    I’m loving that your eye is working well enough to carry on the great work – this place is truly as daft as it should be! 🙂

  8. Lozzykinz says:

    Finally got round to watching it. Hmmmm. You look good. Nice t-shirt.

  9. smartnsweet1 says:

    shh. Don’t tell anyone. But the world slopes downward and to the right. At least according to Fox News.

  10. elenastolby says:

    Good evening, Mr. Cleese
    My name is Elena, and I’m a member of Russian comedy troupe called Dog’s Lips.
    At the moment we’re filming an epic movie and we’re asking different people to say a phrase that doesn’t make any sense. It sounds like “Ya kak ko’lodochka” and it means, well, actually it means nothing. “Kolodka” in Russian means a last (the one for the shoes), it also means a stock, a brake shoe, a plane stock (not sure what it means). We’ve already asked people in Saint-Petersburg and Moscow to say it. Also I’m participating in Moscow International Film Festival as a finalist of the competition program of the short films made with a digital photo camera. The award ceremony is tomorrow, and I’m going to ask famous Russian directors and actors to say that they’re “kolodochka”.
    But it seems like it’s not enough, and we need some foreigners to say the same thing. As we believe you are the best person for this role and think that you must understand the importance of the whole thing, we hope that you might agree to film yourself saying “YA KAK KO’LODOCHKA” – maybe at the end of one of your podcasts. You can say just “KO’LODOCHKA” if it’s to difficult to pronounce the whole phrase.To say that we’ll be honoured is to say nothing at all, and our English isn’t good enough to express how grateful we will be. We’re too pour to ask you to do this for money, but still we can also send you some Russian chocolate, I believe it’s dreadful, but foreigners tend to like it very much for some reason.
    P.S. Hope your eye is healing well!

  11. heeru says:

    Good to see you out and about Mr. Cleese!

  12. Socrates says:

    John, do you read this?

    Or do you have ‘People’ to do it for you?

    As for the cold steel/eyeball thing – having been there myself, my heart goes out to you.

    Although in my case, I only had a local. Yes, a local anesthetic and then the lady doctor went to work.

    Quite an experience.

  13. horn_blower says:

    Glad to hear all went well with the surgery! Had been wondering, and just came across this site. 🙂 Looking forward to seeing you when you come to Toronto later this month! 🙂

  14. Hello Mr. Cleese,

    Don’t know if you remember, but we worked together the last time you were in Montreal (I was the silly-walker in Cleese Idol).

    I’m doing a show at Just For Laughs this year that I think you’d really get a kick out of. The ‘Whiteman’s Whiskey Comedy Revue’ is a re-imagining of the live-to-air variety shows of the early days of television. We have some really great actors playing a bunch of recognizable character types (the Lucille Ball/Gracie Allen, soused Dean Martin, the matinee idol, the Jerry Lewis). The main character dies an hour before the big ‘Celebration Special’ and the show must go on. Live 5-piece jazz band featuring some of the best musicians in the city. Funny, different, smart. Please come.

    Info at

    Hope to see you there. Let’s share a ‘Whiteman’s’ after the show (I play the half-blind bartender, which seems appropriate considering the topic of this post…).

    Hope all is well, warm regards,


  15. HI JACK!!

    I got a life and got off line for five minutes but I still love you and have missed you very much. Glad you are on the mend! Now let’s just show that potato sized prostate who’s boss, eh? There is a tie into a Henry Louis Gates, breaking and entry joke here, I just can’t formulate it now. xoxox

    PS: I’m still planning on harvesting the gold from your teeth to buy that Plasma and by our BBC licensing fee which is in, ahem, arrears.

    Love Super Amanda

  16. giacoma says:

    Get well soon mr. Cleese!

  17. Dear John/Jack

    I have been an admirer of you for ever.
    I recently produced a new wall hanging that I actually have titled ‘A Fish not called Wanda’.
    Is there a way to get a photo of the wall hanging to you?

    Please see my profile for more information.

    Greetings from Amsterdam,

  18. As much as both myself and my lady wife are delighted by your healing, I didn’t need this graphic video just after my breakfast. It was like ‘A Clockwork Orange’ but without the overt fascism.

  19. lydia says:

    I can sleep well, my dog can sleep well, my husband can sleep well… you are ok with your eye! Good recuperation!

  20. tjones612 says:

    John you look fantastic 🙂 I’m so happy to find out it really is you I’ve been following on twitter! So wonderful to have your tweeps. I’m glad your eye is doing well too 🙂 xxoo

  21. Markansas says:

    Mr. Cleese: Glad to hear you are on the mend! Since I have learned (on Olbermann’s show) that you are an American citizen, I would respectfully like to suggest that you are uniquely positioned, as someone with experience with both health systems, to opine in the healthcare debate and debunk the lies that are being spread about the British system. A series of spots sponsored by MoveOn or some other organization in which you lampoon the lies and misrepresentations of the GOP about Britain’s system and our proposed changes could have the effect of getting legislation passed to fix our broken system. Nothing deflates pomposity and vitriol better than a humorous left hook, and you are the man to do it. Best wishes for your continued recovery and good health.

  22. mijoma says:

    This is a bit late, but hope that the eye is as good as a used one 😉 Just wanted to thank John Cleese for the wonderful time thats been given to me and my friends filled with laughter, and the tears that came with it. Many thanks =O)

  23. Wishing you a belated get well soon…hope you’re already back to 100% (or 150% — since that seems to be closer to your normal energy level! 🙂

    Love all your work. I’ve been a huge fan since forever.

    Now just a little tip for you… 😉

    some of your fellow Tweeters may take offense at being called “twits” or — heaven forbid — “twats”! …and their messages are “tweets” or “retweets”…. as I’m sure you know! You little stinker! Twinker-stinker…

    Well, now you know why I’ve published no books or even podcasts! 😉

    Love from Texas, Melissa

  24. Decemberbeth says:

    Ouch- an operation on your eye! Glad to hear you’re healing well. Just want to say I think you are a fantastic entertainer and I’ve enjoyed- and continue to enjoy- your work! Thank you!

  25. klaasholland says:

    Hello John Cleese! Congrats on your surgeory! Ive been looking for a way to contact you by mail.. but I cant find it. First a bit of fantalk: I love Monty and especially the search for the Holy Grail.

    However, Id like to recommend to make skatches of a one-picture-one-jok cartoon called Gummbah. Gummbah is an absurdistic cartoon and I love it. Its dutch, but a bunch of his cartoons are translated to english:

    Warning: his cartoons can be a bit graphic.
    Warning2: make sure youre seated properly when the absurdistic humor strikes you.

    Sincere greetings and good luck recovering.


  26. Sampanther says:

    Hope your starting to feel better now.

    🙂 Xx

    cool feedback!

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