New Headcast

My video download website Headcast has had a makeover and is wearing a beautiful new suit, as well as two new videos. We launched it quietly earlier on this week for fans and friends, who gave us some great feedback via our survey, and helped us improve the site before we opened the doors to the rabid hordes.

Thanks for that, everyone, it really helped us to help you, as the saying goes.

The most popular response to the question asking what alternative career I should take up was Tour Guide, which just pipped Priest / Guru.

Alright then, everyone gather round, the coach is leaving in five minutes.

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4 Responses to New Headcast

  1. dnichs says:

    I actually had a hard time coming to the conclusion that the videos up top were for previews of things that were *already* available for purchase below. A note in the videos and/or more explicitly on the site may do a bit of good.

  2. dnichs says:

    Not ‘for previews’, obviously, though that is perhaps the next logical step on the web.

  3. Lozzykinz says:

    Already told you this – but the new Headcast site rocks my socks.

    I’m unsure as to if my survey answers helped much though…ahem.

  4. smartnsweet1 says:

    How can this sketch ever hope to compete with “My Life in Ruins”? Really.

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