The John Cleese Nigerian Lottery

I’m very pleased to see that the truly excellent value John Cleese (that’s me) Nigerian Lottery is open for business.

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8 Responses to The John Cleese Nigerian Lottery

  1. mrsthing says:

    Thank you to respond my reqest. Luking foreward to youre emails. A pleasure to doing busness along you. Very funny man, you are being.

  2. wendylosangeles says:

    I signed up, hooray !

  3. BobOfTexas says:

    Does it include free offers of Lemon Curry?

  4. Lozzykinz says:

    Oh God…she’s been at the Sherry again…

  5. wendylosangeles says:

    Love the new site – excellent, well done!!

  6. Are you related to my long lost uncle, who left me an inheritance of $4,500,000?

  7. Oh dear, another of these lottery things. I *suppose* I’ll give you a try, Cleese, but don’t try to solicit any free emails from me! These things cost money, you know!

  8. smartnsweet1 says:

    Calling all aspiring cyber-comedians: Buy the hilarious new book “Where Angels Fear to Tread” by Yolanda Pascal. Like a Nigerian scam, I’ll get rich and the jokes’ll be on you.

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