The chickens Camilla and Rocky, came to visit this morning…

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  1. Glad to see you’re not henpecked by all those chicks.

  2. cherryberry2 says:

    Oh so cute! My Dad wants chickens. 😀

  3. bunnistar3000 says:

    I just love those chickens!! =)

  4. Armande says:

    That brought a smile to my face. 🙂 Doesn’t Rocky get an identity crisis due to her name?

  5. What came first at breakfast this morning – the chicken or the egg?

  6. cartoonmonkey says:

    Mr Cleese! Stumbled across your blog by accident, and I’m really pleased to see you’re so up on the web!

    You have a beautiful home, and life with many chicken-y friends.

    If you should ever need a bit of drawing or animation done, I would be honored to help you out in return for years of laughter. Just get in touch via my profile. It would be a true highlight of my life to do a single drawing that you would use.

    Huge regards,
    Gigantic wobbbly super itchy fan,

  7. Elisabeth Spohr says:

    Adorable little friends! I’ve got some at the farm – they are quite curious – try to show them different objects or just let them walk around like Cleese did – and they can be really funny! 🙂

  8. fidget says:

    we’ve got 16 hens and they are always sneaking into the house. We aren’t nearly as welcoming though. They out number us nearly 3 to 1

  9. chickiebaby says:

    Dear Mr. Cleese;
    you will be pleased to know that a member at Back Yard Chickens, or BYC, has posted a link to your site. I anticipate that many of us will be as glad as I am that you are a fellow Back Yard Chicken owner. Please visit us and say hello.

    your ardent fan,

  10. SammiC73 says:

    Just loved that. From a fellow chicken lover. I have 5, but don’t they poo!?

  11. afeeney says:

    I love the way they strut about with the assurance of a home buyer who has the cash in hand and could drive a hard bargain over anything that is less than entirely satisfactory.

    Perhaps that’s the new real estate market: Chickens.

    If I were a better, kinder, more humane being, I wouldn’t make references to nest eggs, but fate made it inevitable.

  12. funkychickengifts says:

    hello Mr. Cleese, great video of u and your girls, link posted on ‘the down the lane’ website, check it out its very good.

  13. catlover99 says:

    I personally introduced Monty Python to many of my American friends. I was living in London in 1968-71. Sadly, my English “boyfriend” was sent to Brixton prison for tax fraud, but that’s another story. I am so happy John that you appear to be an animal lover. We have six cats. Oh yeah, they shred all the furniture and don’t always use the catboxes, but animals are lovely. I should make a youtube video. Currently I have all the furniture covered up with sheets to stop the shedding. Anyway, I love your body of work.

  14. mslorax425 says:

    Oh Camilla, you hussy

  15. violetk says:

    What? No lemurs?

  16. Klara says:

    Perhaps you should consider casting Camilla and Rocky for the musical you work on? Those two certainly are quite individual as well as talented.

  17. Klara says:

    Perhaps you should consider casting Camilla and Rocky for the musical you work on? Those two certainly are quite individual and talented.

  18. JulyeFace says:

    Their strut may be just the inspiration my silly walk needs. 🙂
    By the way, I am organizing a Ministry of Silly Walks Walk-A-Thon in Toronto (Canada) in support of the Canadian Alliance of Dance Artists, on April 29th (International Dance Day). Our official recruitment office (set up in the downtown square a few days prior) will of course include a civil servant of the Ministry will be present to scrutinize the selection process. Would love to send you more info if it tickles your fancy. 🙂

  19. hilda417 says:

    My dad had a chicken.and she can kidding.

  20. Ash says:

    John has a great way with animals 🙂

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