Twitter – The Movie

Today I started work on, and indeed completed, my very latest movie.

I’m delighted that the script came in at a mere 85 characters – a triumph for brevity.

I’m now finishing the sequel, “A World of Cheese” which will be released online very soon. It’s quite a bit longer.

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32 Responses to Twitter – The Movie

  1. adnauseam says:

    This was a triumph! I’m making a note here: “HUGE SUCCESS!!”

  2. TheoBaskind says:

    LMAO!!! funny as the dickens as always!

    I have no idea why I even have any Twitter followers… I usually sit home and “Tweet” myself…

    feel free to follow me at

  3. Kirsten says:

    Brilliant! As always.

  4. MikeinLondon says:

    If you are paying the bandwidth bills had you better not host the video on some other site like youtube or vimeo. It will reduce the chance of your site crashing. Get your web minion on to this.

  5. bloodyalbatross says:

    @adnauseam Its hard to overstate my satisfaction.

  6. michaelmoore says:

    Bravo! Destined to become the “Feel Good” movie of 2009!

  7. @silverton says:

    Palo Alto Weekly proclaims “Twitter – The Movie” a twemendous twerpy twiumph of twenty-first twentertainment for the tweeple. Terse, yet utterly pointless; Cleese once again demonstrates his genre-defying prowess laying rightful claim to the title of High Lord Emperor of All Media. Sources at XM-Sirius Satellite Radio neither confirm nor deny existence of the alleged application for the role of Valet to the Lord High Emperor, from their anchor property known as the deposed King of All Media, Howard Stern. Stay tuned to learn what twat’s twinteresting in the tweeks ahead by twooning in to the Spanking New John Cleese Headcast at [fade theme music, “Twat’s New, Pussycat, whoa-oa-oh-ho …”]

  8. @silverton says:

    Editor dude or dudette: sorry for the twubble, but may we please correct “twenty-first twentertainment” to “twenty-first century twentertainment” thank you! The editors deeply apologize for any inconvenience or pecuniary damage incurred by this inexcusable editorial ineptwitude.

  9. sbullo says:

    Twats – love it!

  10. Lancs says:

    Fantastic piece of art – you should be very proud – @Lancs

  11. emilygale says:

    Great symbolism with the lemons in the background. Looking forward to the sequel.

  12. kxross says:

    Why aren’t ones circle of Twitter followers Twits?

  13. akaMonty says:

    Oscar-worthy performance. Also, next time someone calls me a twat I’ll just say, “YEAH, ME AND JOHN CLEESE”.

  14. stephentheh says:

    Loved the clip, but of course I love all your work. So glad to see you embracing the web as a way to release new material.

  15. tarasis says:

    *claps* Bravo! Encore, ENCORE!


  16. humbert15 says:

    Excellent – but how do we know that’s really you John? Frankly, I’m suspicious.

  17. linnefaulk says:

    I think I am offended at being called a twat.

  18. Lozzykinz says:

    Is that fruit i see on the bushy thing outside? Nice jumper…did you get it from Tesco? Pots are very nicely placed inside the cupboards for a man, especially a frail, shakey, almost dying if i don’t sit back down man like yourself. Oh, and your hair looks like hair for once. I am very observant.

    Oh i’m sorry! A good ‘movie’ too…about the best one you’ve done in years. *That was bitchy of me – i do apologise…kind of*

  19. gttlrs says:

    It’s quite possible I have never seen a better movie.

  20. Haha this is hilarious! I tweeted this to all my “twats.”

    I’m one of your twats, but sadly, you have not chosen to be one of my twats. But I forgive you. 🙂

  21. mrsthing says:

    I like that your sweater matches the highlights in your hair. Nice touch! Should win you the art Bafta/Oscar, if nothing more.

  22. mrsthing says:

    It must be wonderful to be able to reach out your kitchen window and pick an orange for your breakfast. And the blossoms smell so nice–like old fashioned perfume. 😀

  23. Lozzykinz says:

    I thought they were lemons…

  24. Ivorysoup says:

    Sweet Christ, you are beautiful.

  25. Lozzykinz says:

    That was rather blunt.

  26. Jesper says:

    “A World of Cheese” sounds great. We have a club called “Cheesy Not Cheesy” – perhaps we can host the opening party?

    Göteborg, Sweden

  27. jamkam says:

    Almost as succinct as the soon-to-be issued “The Accomplishments of Geo. W. Bush” (on microfiche). But the soundtrack? Perhaps Barney could be enlisted…

  28. scyllacat says:

    Honestly, I was having some dumb argument about the impact that the Internet is having on modern media–and all along I could have just shown them this! Love you madly, Signed, yet another American fan

  29. lizzybee27 says:

    Thanks for the laugh John..:)

    That was brilliant 🙂

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