Not Yet Fried

Thank you for all the well-wishers who recently expressed concern about my black eye. It was of course merely make up applied for last Wednesday’s Prince Charles bash, which by now you’ve possibly seen on the TV – not that that obviously theatrical device stopped some poor confused journalist from assuming I had been in a real fight and attempting to trade some snaps for good old British pounds. I expect the fact that sterling is about to be worth about as much as Iceland is focusing journalistic minds upon cash, as well it might, for how else will they afford their new quills, ink made from the blood of the poor, and the odd pint of whiskey?

The other matter of some concern to kind people has been the fate of our cottage, around which I recently showed this rather nice Frog from Seesmic, and I’m glad to say that so far (fingers crossed) we’ve escaped being fried to a cinder by the awful rampaging fires.

You can follow the great and very difficult work of the local fire brigade here.

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18 Responses to Not Yet Fried

  1. Lozzykinz says:

    why am i always the first to leave comments these days?

    oh yeah! i forgot – it’s because i have no life! Silly me!

    anyway, yeah, good, glad to hear that the cottage cheese is okay.

  2. niteblogger says:

    Greetings from Canada!
    I saw the “@ Home with John Cleese” on!
    Great stuff….:)
    I’m looking forword to seeing more from John Cleese.
    “Don’t you just love the internet?”

  3. AmandaSo says:

    Was worried there when you went AWOL for a bit. But then, we got our own fire in Sylmar, and I forgot all about you. Glad you are okay. ~A~

  4. StrangeCupATea says:

    What wonderful cats he has.

  5. smartnsweet1 says:

    Yes, alas, my cats are not nearly as affectionate. But then, I’m not nearly as charming as JC. Glad your home survived the fires.

  6. mrsthing says:

    So glad to hear that you and Camilla and your house and cats and tortoise and everything else are okay.

    I thought it was strange that the media made such a big deal of you greeting Prince Charles while still wearing your black-eye makeup, but no one said a word about Eric greeting him in a white tutu and swan tiara. Even if you HAD had a real black eye, I would have thought Eric in a tutu would have caused a bigger stir. Maybe it’s a British thing? LOL!

    I did *not* get to see the show on TV, being American and not having cable. I do hope it will be released on DVD, or perhaps on the Monty Python YouTube channel?

  7. renanaraz says:

    what a beautiful daughter you’ve got!
    i mean, the whole appearance… somehow ”different”, but still the charming one!

  8. Elisabeth Spohr says:

    Sweet home! I’d like my library to be like yours 🙂

  9. angheluruju says:

    >3 lemurs

  10. bravegirl says:

    Love the home tour! Mr. Cleese it is so fabulous that you’ve embraced social media so vigorously! Since you’re quite active on you probably already know we are having a multi-city twestival benefiting on January 22nd to be broadcast live over the internet. Would you be interested in supporting our cause with a short video endorsement to be shown at the venues and online? It would be absolutely top secret and a huge thrill for everyone who sees it. And of course would boost our fundraising efforts that evening. We’re even thinking of getting that mashable character to do something outrageous like shave his head or get a twitter tattoo live as well! Of course you could shamelessly plug your podcasts and any other projects your working on. And if you’re in San Francisco that evening you’d be our guest of honor. Would you like to help us?

    Thank you so much – for years of entertainment and all of your good work. The lemurs thank you, too.

    Most Sincerely,
    Alison Potvin

  11. Hawley says:

    Hi, John. We sat next to each other at an SB fundraiser. Robert Kennedy, Jr., was at the table and was the speaker. Ed Begley, Jr., sat with us, too. Fast forward. Only one of my friends lost her house in the Tea Fire but many were evacuated. It sounds as if your divorce is doing to you what the Tea Fire did to SB. I’m truly sorry. When we met, you said of your wife, “If I ever write my memoir, I’ll call the chapter about her, ‘Looking for a Sequitur.'” Now I’m thinking you’ll probably change the title … In contrast, I didn’t listen to my lawyers when I divorced (twice) and settled for way too little. Hard to get it right.

  12. kengrantde says:

    Mr. Cleese, I would love to get your thoughts on this little video our company put together – I hope you accept it in the spirit in which we made it, here’s the link:

    Thank you for the inspiration!

    Ken Grant

  13. I’m not sure you have enough animal themed artworks. I think you need some more –

  14. alauterbach says:

    Brilliant! Cats are lovely, dog is funny, and collection of metallic creatures is divine. Oh, and cavernous dressing room is a hoot.

  15. violetk says:

    “I love cats–they taste like chicken.”

    I have that very slogan on a t-shirt of mine, with an accompanying graphic of a cat on a plate.

    I love you very much Mr. Cleese, and I always had the suspicion we share the same humour 🙂

  16. sfu says:

    Loved your reference to Ken Campbell who I was lucky enough to meet twice. RIP.

  17. Daniel D says:

    GOD how I wish I could be your friend! You are the only “celebrity” that I could actually see just hanging out with, having a cup of coffee and just bullshitting about anything.

  18. Ash says:

    All of those beautiful animals are so lucky to have someone who loves them so much!!! And they obviously love John back!

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