iPhone, uPhone

We love gadgets in this house, and so whilst we’re preparing the next two episodes of Headcast for release this side of Christmas, along with some other festive goodies, we’re making our websites iPhone gorgeous.


This is a combined feed including this blog, Twitter, and the free podcast.

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3 Responses to iPhone, uPhone

  1. kenoatman says:

    ‘mornin’ John Cleese …watched the new video, per your request on Twitter, thank you. What struck me is the abject lack of solar panels on the roof of the cottage, to round out the modern Californian bungalow look. When you realize I’m right, I’d like to sell them to you. Gimme a shout, it’s the right thing to do: ken@kenoatman.com …Very kind regards.

  2. TURTLEGIRL73 says:

    I love gadgets as well, especially the iphone and ipod touch.

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