On Palin and Parrots

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7 Responses to On Palin and Parrots

  1. smartnsweet1 says:

    When Palin was first named as the VP choice for the Republicans, I wrote the following essay. http://www.opednews.com/articles/It-d-be-smashing-to-have-P-by-Jill-Jackson-080830-779.html

    Alas, having learned what a Hindenburgian choice she was, I have composed this Ode to Sarah Palin (with apologies to John Cleese)

    Campaign failin’
    Voters bailin’
    Polls are trailin’
    Sarah Palin


    Vote for Obama and re-elect Kucinich.

  2. oldmeatwad says:

    Spot on old boy, spot on!

  3. mrsthing says:

    Thank you for saying it so clearly and succinctly, sir. Unfortunately, a lot of people see her as the American people’s princess, and don’t care if she can’t put a sentence together. Eight years of having a stupid president have lulled us into accepting mediocrity as the norm.

    smartnsweet: I loved your essay–very funny!

  4. smartnsweet1 says:

    Thanks, Mrs. Thing.

  5. Lozzykinz says:

    I might aswell join in.

    Hello Jack.

    Good video.

    And thanks again.

  6. colinb says:

    The American Dream is that anything is possible in the land of the free.

    Flabbergasted is a good way to describe my own feeling at the result of the 20064 election.

    Now what was it that Barnum said…

  7. copper says:

    We have just survived our own (Canadian) election where we spent $300 million(Cdn)to have the basic same situation that we had prior the election call (George Bush Lite).
    We now watch with trepidation at the nonsense that is occurring south of us. If Americans do not elect Obama as president, we may have to take your country over and set things right. There may be a delay of your country’s occupation until we infiltrate your media with all the Canadian actors and journalists we have in various sleeper cells in the States. We are glad that Eugene Levy’s tv program was not widely circulated (thank you, CBC) as it exposed the entire plot.

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