Farewell, Old Friend…

Very sad to learn that the 104 year old Weston-super-Mare pier burned down yesterday. It’s a very small town, Weston – not much to it except the pier, the promenade, and the beach.

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  1. Lozzykinz says:

    First the pier at good old Skeggy and now this…hmm…sounds suspicious to me!

  2. Gungasdindin says:

    I hope they got helicopter footage.
    The bottom photo looks like a roasted Gort from ‘The Day The Earth Stood Still’.

  3. Lozzykinz says:

    just in case anyone would be interested in checking out my weblog, here’s the link –


    i’m a nobody…i know *sob*

  4. Its not all Bad new Jack! 😉


  5. hmmmm! being a techno phobe, and a spelling philistine, i have to apologise for my previous entry….just copy and paste in-between the hyphenated urls, and for new read news. and for goodness sake stop identifying your psyche with an old pier!….you old peer! 😉

  6. just a thought!…..could it be that New Jack, was more pertinent than News Jack?…..at first it seemed like a typo, but the more i thought about it, the more i wondered if it wasn’t just a serendipitously missing ‘s’, (pronounced ‘es’)…..a Freudian ‘S’ ….denoting the recreated Jack of new, not a pluralistic Jack, nor one denoting a present illustration of past Jacks, but a portentous Jack of times A-new…..here’s to the ever changing Jack. Forever the same, but only in name.

    A question for you…..If we were Solipsists, would all of our questions be rhetorical?….and would you answer me, or would it be I who answered the you in me?

  7. Weston-super-Amanda says:

    It is extremely sad… seeing as you had slagged off the entire city only a few days earlier for having no culture!

    Guilt and shame in every cinder as it came blowing your way.

    I think i’s funny the way many of my fellow bloggers are rying not to offend you.

    Love from
    Stupor er uh Super Amanda

  8. I’m ashamed of my bad, truncated spelling and grammar too.

  9. Haha, I just read your diary blub in the Guardian. I think you should do thee angry, disgruntled ‘she’s trying to roast my balls divorce video’ to end all divorce videos and post it on You Tube. I’m sure they would feature it on the home page. Might be funny in the new script your writing too. 😉 Stay strong, we love you!

    Super Amanda

  10. Lozzykinz says:

    lol Amanda, its funny how you go from an insulting post to John to a warmful one within a short space of time x

  11. Agreed Lozzykinz, I’m a groveling, remorseful slob.

  12. ‘you’re writing’


    It’s so much easier blogging with rock stars, you never have to worry about spelling, grammar etc only that you provide ooh and ahs over their latest clothing lines, cold sores and blood changes in Swiss clinics to pass the tour insurance providers drug test.

  13. Lozzykinz says:

    Agreed Amanda…i feel as though i’m in an English exam writing on here and Mr Cleese is going to mark my spelling..being from Nottingham i use a lot of slang

  14. Lozzykinz says:

    Giz it ‘ea!


    make us a brew love!

    A gorra ger up there fast

    That is the accent of Nottingham…i’m from a town called Woodhouse but it’s pronounced Wudhus.

    Please dont hold my ‘un-english’ accent against me, i’m tryin’ here!

  15. I have to hand it to you Amanda, even though my hands have often been compared to those of the infeasibly large handed Franz Lizst, your observation about ‘Jacks’ remarkably timed beration of all things culteral in WSM was sagacious if not a little acerbic.

    But what fascinated me more was the earlier report in which Jack remarks about Firemen who become Pyromaniacs….also well timed i thought… Could it be we have stumbled upon some hitherto uninvestigated connection between the phantom pier burnings of 2008 in the culteral Mecca’s of the north, and the disgruntled protestations of a disgruntled absurdist?

    at very least, i feel there might be a short film script in it, maybe even a youtube presentation! 😉

  16. and lozzy you cant be all bad if you support Spurs! :)….even if you are a little fiendish for laughing at that poor girl with her magic crystal! LOL

  17. Imagine my surprise when at the bottom of Lizzy’s weblog i found a picture of said blogger seated on the recently ‘deceased’ Skegness pier!…..


    The thot plickens…

  18. Lozzykinz says:

    oh buggor! I’ve been rumbled… 😛

  19. Everyone is so nice here. I think just having Jack (getting in with the slick nickname now like everyone else, falling in line etc…) read a few of the hater and fan comments I get on You Tube out loud would be funny would be funny. The thought of him (you Jack 🙂 moderating his/your own comments out loud is hysterical.

    By the way, our grammer (just the blogger hordes) and literary prowess is Tom Stoppard on Meth compared to most on Youtube.
    QAnd if Jack/You make your own protest video?
    Well that New York divorcee/disgruntled wife who was complaining about punishing her husband with a ‘non fat latte’ and then wailing like a botox banshee on You Tube a few months ago would be awe struck I’m sure!

    Love from Balham and to all a goodnight 😉

  20. Lozzykinz says:

    Wonders if ‘Jack Cheese’ is actually really a Mini Babybell in disguise…

  21. Lozzykinz says:

    *wolf whistles*…Google found me this…naughty Google!!! sorry, couldn’t help myself!!! *Prepares for Jack Cheese to hit me over the head with a large fish* Maybe it’s Mr Cheese doing his ‘gettaway’ as he swam far out to sea after setting alight that pier 🙂


  22. Is that Balham…”gateway to the South”?….I feel sure, that is not only a temporal invasion, but a reference to another comic genius who sadly blogs only in regions where parrots bought from spurious shop owners are said to fly!, and is therefore a cross comic blog invasion the like of which has not been seen since the Crimson Permanent Insurance crossed the angry sea’s of High Finance and Buccaneered its way into the main Feature.

    As for being nice! Piffle!…who isn’t nice to a scantily clad Bikini Queen with a penchant for voyeuristic obscurantism?…its all in the Antici….


    And Lizzy….im afraid we are all out of baby bells….but we do have a little runny Camembert! 🙂

  23. Lozzykinz says:

    Oh, but i like it runny 😀

  24. errrr….well Lizzy… It’s actually very runny!….and I…think it’s a bit runnier than you’ll like it. 🙂

  25. Lozzykinz says:

    Listen here Flaming Bush, i don’t care how runny it is, just hand it over will you 😀

  26. oooooooooh……Amanda’s eaten it!;)

  27. Somnambulist says:

    I think everyone missed a trick here… this was my take on events:


    And just in case you think I’m making it up…


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