Swiss Sense of Humour

The Swiss are often unfairly characterised as being obsessed with minutiae, yodelling, cuckoo clocks and having no sense of humour. Switzerland, one of the most beautiful and democratic countries in the world, actually contains a generously mixed, warm, modern, cosmopolitan society which knows how to enjoy itself. The cuckoo clock is in fact a Ba;

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3 Responses to Swiss Sense of Humour

  1. I note that the Swiss also invented LCD displays as well as LSD…

    who’de have thought!

  2. cjohnwood says:

    Not just Toblerone then?

  3. lunza says:

    In Germany, they say that Swiss-German is not a dialect so much as a throat condition. One of my Swiss cousins thinks it sounds kinda like Yiddish. Keep this in mind when addressing a Swiss in German.

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