The Russians

I am fascinated by the way nobody assumed the Russian football team were going very far in the Euro 2008 competition, until their spectacular annihilation a couple of days ago of the rather good Dutch side.

It made me consider two things:

Firstly, that the media pundits, so-called experts who sit around filling in the TV pauses with strategic analyses illustrated by endless slow-motion, graphically-adorned replays, all immediately said, once Russian supremacy was an established fact, how very good the entire Russian team was with their star player Andrei Arshavin in place. It seemed as if the Russian football team had moved miraculously, along with the entire Russian nation, from being ex-communist, broke no-hopers, to resurgent, gas-and-oil producing, cash-rich global contenders.

Secondly, that the bookmakers knew exactly what they were doing encouraging us all to bet on Holland, by shortening the odds and making them favourites, just before they played the disastrous match that sent them home.

I wonder how many of the bookmakers were Russian…

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4 Responses to The Russians

  1. Didprice says:

    I am no fan of football.

    I am a fan of A Fish Called Wanda, though. It has to be one of the tightest plotted and funniest films ever produced, it was certainly Charles Crichton’s crowning achievement. And yes, I do know that he directed The Lavender Hill Mob.

    I would like to know whether the press reports about it being turned into a musical are true. If they are true, I would like to know how the lyrics are coming along.

    I ask because I have been writing lyrics for amateur reviews for 15 years or so. They have always gone down pretty well, but audiences only run to a couple of hundred and I would love to get my teeth into something bigger.

    I have jotted some ideas down for a FCW musical, and would be happy to send them on request to the email address supplied for my registration.

    Be assured – I’m not a swivel-eyed lunatic, my eyes are surprisingly normal!

  2. robertas says:

    Well I have shown remarkable constraint this time around – I did not bet on a single match… 🙂

  3. Lozzykinz says:

    I’m a Tottenham Hotspur fan and i just want to rub it in the fact that Spurs are in talks to bring Arshavin to The Lane 🙂 COYS

  4. TomKonkle says:

    Hello fellow Art of Football mentor. Tom here, I never bet on Holland…if only Anne Frank had played the piccolo instead of the drums, rotten Dutch.

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